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Cathedral Windchimes (Largest Size)

Windchime, Cathedral, made in New Zealand by Magnolia Windchimes
Windchime, Cathedral

This Windchime Is Tuned To D Minor. The Cathedral Windchime Has A Rich, Deep Tone.

Due to the larger diameter and length of its pipes it resonates two octaves lower than Joyful Breeze windchimes. It is available in Dark Green, Dark Blue, Gold and Wineberry. Check out the colours on the colour chart below.

Cathedral Windchime specifications

Chord: D minor | Colours: Multiple | Pipes: 6 | Length: 570-810mm | Weight: 2.4Kg | Price: NZ$199

The windchime pipes

The aluminium pipes used for our windchimes are hardy and naturally corrosion resistant, even in salty coastal conditions. The colours are powdercoated (an enamel-like finish baked on at 200°C) and tuned to D minor. The windchimes are hard wearing and fade resistant. Precise cutting of pipes ensures concert pitch tuning in pentatonic scale: D minor

Timber parts - windcatchers and flyers

Redwood timber is used for its durability, stability and pleasant appearance. 

Flyers (windcatchers), are available in several shapes including circle, dolphin, leaf, ellipse and oval. Please check out our flyer options. 

All wooden components have been oiled and waxed to ensure their durability for many years.

Windchime strings

Strings of UV resistant polyester braid complete this musical instrument which can be safely hung outdoors.

Windchime Colours Options

Windchime colours, dark blue Dark blue
Windchime colours, dark green Dark green
Windchime colours, wineberry Wineberry

Windchime Flyers Options

Windchime flyers, dolphin Dolphin
Windchime flyers, ellipse Plain ellipse
Windchime flyers, oval Plain round
Windchime flyers, koru Koru
Windchime flyers, plain ellipse Plain oval

"Thank you so much for the beautiful windchime... our family loves it."

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